Delivery Information

Purchase/Sale Agreement

1.) By placing an order on the site you voluntarily confirm the following rules.

  1. The seller guarantees compliance with the appearance of the delivered products with the samples on the site.
  2. The seller undertakes to deliver the product according to the contract.
  3. The seller notifies the buyer of the accepted order by phone or e-mail, the additional characteristics are agreed and the products are completed and ensures the delivery of the order within 2 to 5 working days.
  4. The order is accepted through the technical capabilities of the server and is sent to the seller by e-mail.
  5. Under this contract, the product template is recognized as the picture of the product attached on the website
  6. The seller guarantees the quality of the product.
  7.  The buyer is asked to provide an actual contact phone, city, city code and the exact delivery address.
  8.  The buyer has the right to withdraw from the order upon delivery but pays the delivery price. The value of the delivery is indicated on the invoice issued by the courier company.
  9.  In the event that the goods are damaged, the buyer undertakes to put the seller in prominence by phone within 1 day from the time of delivery. In this case, the buyer is refunded the full value of the product, including the value of the delivery.
  10.  The information provided by the buyer to the seller may not be transmitted to the 3rd person in any circumstances with the exception of written permission from the buyer.

2.) Together with the product, the buyer receives from the courier the following documents:

  1. Cash receipt with specified product value (optional).

3.) Delivery

  1. Your couriers deliver orders throughout the country by Econt Express with a 20% discount, depending on the value of the shipment (to an office of Econt 4.30BGN to address 6.40BGN).
  2. For orders over 720BGN the delivery value is free.